Benefits for the retailer

Complete product information reduces bounce rates to the brand website. By providing customers with all necessary information about your products, you reduce the likelihood that they will have to go to the brand website.

Targeted product content that seamlessly integrates into the brand's layout improves the quality of your product pages. When customers receive detailed and relevant product information, they are more likely to make a purchase.

Your customers expect answers to all questions about a product. Comprehensive product information can exceed your customers' expectations. Customers who find all the answers they are looking for are more satisfied and more likely to make a purchase from you.


Complete product information, brand emotions, and branding improve your customers' shopping experience. By creating a consistent appearance of your brand and products, you increase the connection and trust your customers have in your brand.

You save time and money maintaining your product content. With centralized management, you can quickly and easily make changes without having to manually adjust your various sales channels.

You determine where the brand's product content is displayed. By having control over where your products are presented, you can ensure they are always displayed in the best possible environment.

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