The products are maintained in a central database, which can be filled manually, via a CSV import or via an interface with the manufacturer's JSON or XML formats. If the product data is not available via one of the previously mentioned methods, or if it is not convenient to enter it manually due to the quantity, the system can fill the data piece by piece on its own.

For this purpose, the detail pages are used, which are transmitted by the retailers in their product feed, also in the formats CSV, JSON or XML. For each (selected) retailer, a parser is developed that extracts the relevant product data from the detail page and automatically fills the product database.


The partner-specific information is processed via the retailers' product feeds mentioned above. When integrated into the retailers' webshop, the products are marked with the current price and linked directly to the detail page.


On the one hand, products can be sorted manually; on the other hand, a process calculates the content score of the respective product based on the information provided. The more product information is stored, the higher the rank, in order to ensure that potential buyers see appealing products first or that products below a defined score are not displayed.


The integration itself is very simple and fast by integrating two URLs. One URL is the link to the brand world, which is integrated via iFrame. The other URL is a link to a Javascript snippet, which ensures the correct display and enables deep linking, for example.


Product database

Alternatively, interfaces to content providers such as CENT, Flixmedia, ITscope or data sheets in PDF file format can be read in to maintain the product database.


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