By integrating the esis digital brand world, no product maintenance is required on the part of the retailer in order to integrate or adapt products of the respective brand in their store. Visitors to the brand world remain in the ecosystem of the retailer's store, as links only take place within the webshop. This means that there are no bounce rates to the brand website.


Through the central product database of the esis digital brand world, product availabilities per retailer can be displayed on the brand website, such as: "currently available at ...", and can thus increase the retailer's traffic.


Thanks to automatic synchronization of products and availability, there are no more outdated pages. Shoppers are kept on the merchant store page, which leads to longer dwell times. Additional brand campaigns on the esis digital brand world further increase dwell time and boost sales.

No product maintenance in the digital brand world
Retailer-specific price adjustment
Display of product availability on brand website
Linking within the retailer shop
Inquiry button for unavailable products
SEO booster


Products & Categories

Thanks to a central product data sheet, the system automatically learns which products have been entered by you as a retailer and therefore does not require any manual input. All product lines with their qualities, functionalities and other factors can be mapped.

In addition, product categories can be meaningfully subdivided and displayed graphically and animated, thus enabling a clear view and simple, user-friendly operation for your customers. The products can not only be viewed, but also purchased directly.


Look & Prices

The digital brand world is displayed in the corporate identity of the brand on all webshops, but the price labels can be adapted to the pricing and design of the retailer depending on the webshop. In this way, the brand world acts as a component of the retailer. For example, the display of the price up to the complete tile can be adapted to the specific retailer, allowing the brand world to be seamlessly integrated into the retailer's web store.


Product availability

Due to the automatic synchronization of product availabilities, manual linking is no longer necessary and visitors no longer end up on frustrating error pages. Compared to static and not updated HTML pages, the esis digital brand world is dynamic and is updated twice a day. Products of the brand shop, which are not available in your shop, can be requested. These can be requested via a detail page with form request.


Know your customers

The performance of the esis digital brand world can be measured by a monthly reporting. Certain product preferences can be determined or new products can be added to the range via the request button (due to high demand).



In the first step, we need the data for the interface in JSON, XML or CSV format, as an alternative, classic Google Product feeds can also be used. We can seamlessly integrate the stock levels, strike prices as well as availabilities.


The digital brand world is displayed in the corporate identity of the brand on all webshops, but the price labels can be adapted to the pricing & design of the retailer depending on the webshop. For this, we need all files once to be able to integrate them in the esis digital brand world.


The integration itself is very simple and fast by integrating two URLs. One URL is the link to the digital brand world, which is integrated via iFrame. The other URL is a link to a Javascript snippet, which ensures the correct display and enables deep linking, for example.

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