Increase partner engagement and boost indirect sales with the ESIS brand world

The ESIS brand world is a digital shop-in-shop solution that allows for customized and sales-promoting product presentation. Companies can manage their product content across all shops, ensuring a consistent brand image. This not only increases partner engagement but also boosts indirect sales.

Further information on complex products in the ESIS brand world helps customers make more informed purchasing decisions, increasing customer satisfaction and building trust in the brand.

The ESIS brand world enables effective product presentation across various online shops and ensures a wider reach through content syndication. This reaches potential customers and boosts the company's online sales.

Our solutions address all touchpoints of the customer journey. From the customer's first contact with the brand to the purchase, the customer is accompanied and supported. Through personalized offers and recommendations, companies can address their customers individually and thus achieve a higher conversion rate.

The ESIS brand world provides an ideal solution to increase partner engagement and boost indirect sales. Through customized and sales-promoting product presentation, easy management of products, and wider reach through content syndication, processes within the company are optimized and the growth of the business is fostered.

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